Rebel Yell (Single)

“If you thought Billy Idol‘s “Rebel Yell” was an iconic rock anthem, wait till you hear The Flux Machine‘s cover. The NY based band take the song to a whole new level, mixing rock and Electro making it a dance anthem that’ll make you want to rock out.” –

“Many bands in Brooklyn could cover Billy Idol, but few would do so without a hint of irony. They clearly love this music, and their new cover shows it.” –

“Now it’s not very often that Fr.U.N.T. Music shares cover songs but in this case The Flux Machine has done such a great job with their rendition of “Rebel Yell” that we really didn’t have a choice in the matter.” –

Originally performed by Billy Idol
Lead vocals by Luis Accorsi
Background vocals, guitar, production, recording mixing and mastering by Raphael Sepulveda
Guitar and solo by Asher Zeitschik
Bass by Leo Corleone
Drums by Jeremy Sauber
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