Louder! (Album)

“The album [Louder!] is incredibly energetic, but in a way that it doesn’t overwhelm the listener. A mix of sounds and styles, the group easily strikes out at you and pulls you in further and further with harsh screams in places and melodic, beachy music in others. It’s a fantastic blend that flows incredibly well together despite the extreme differences between the various songs. Attention grabbing is impressive all on its own, but the album doubles down and retains your interest in it, because there’s no telling what you might hear next.

“The Flux Machine knock it out of the park with this album, and they certainly make you want to hear even more with every single track on the album. It’s truly a riveting album, as well as one that is easy to listen to in the background on repeat. I highly recommend that you go seek out this album immediately and listen to it, because I certainly found yet another band to keep my eye on for the foreseeable future.” – musicunlabeled.com

“The Flux Machine have created 12, non-stop, power songs that are infectious and memorable and extremely likeable and innovative. They have something for everyone ‘Louder!’ is definitely a fantastic listen.” – indiebuddie.com

 Written, performed and conceived by Luis Accorsi
Co-written, performed, produced, recorded and mixed by Raphael Sepulveda
Mastered by Taylor Larson
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